What’s the difference between an inexpensive DJ and an expensive DJ? Is it worth spending more for your event?

Providing music is similar to providing food. If you have guests for a meal, your first concern might be having enough food. If quantity is not an issue, then quality becomes the focus, and the host works to ensure the meal is delicious. What’s left to improve after that? Visual presentation and dining experience.

With DJ’ing, the concerns are similar. First, new or inexpensive DJs work to provide enough volume for the room. The next concern is sound quality and the ability to provide connected services, such as microphones and dance lighting. Finally, in presentation and experience, DJs can spend a lot of time and money, delivering decorative trussing, impressive facades, special lighting effects and additional services, and their prices go up to match.

How do you choose a DJ?

Once the price range is understood, there are two key elements to look for — experience with your event and customer service. If a DJ has experience with your event or audience, they know the songs to choose, which requests to take, and how to run the event. They will also have the level of equipment necessary to perform. The other element is how well they listen to what you want. A concerned DJ will take note of details and not only ‘fill the dance floor’ when it’s time, but do it with the atmosphere fitting the personality of the client.

AudioFlyer DJ Services is owned and operated by a single person, dedicated to providing the best experience possible for every event. Most of my business is catering to clients who are concerned about lyrical content, but don’t want to give up on high-energy, quality music. From Motown to the best of modern Pop, I know the music inside and out to choose the right songs for the crowd. In addition to over five years of experience performing wedding receptions, I have also done outdoor charity events, company holiday parties, youth group hoedowns, elementary-middle-high school dances, college banquets, church events, and baby showers. AudioFlyer works with you to achieve the desired mood, and focuses on good music without offensive content.

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