Homeschool Spring Formal 2023, Bear Creek Farm

What a blast! 250 students bought all the available tickets to fill the space, and danced from start to end. I’ve never played so many slow songs, and we did at least four snowball dances throughout the evening. The organizers knew what they were doing down to the first and last songs, and how often to rotate back to slow dances.

There were some challenges to overcome, including a volume curfew at 10PM. While the playlist was determined ahead of time, the unusual layout was revealed that day – there was a detached tent outside and the DJ table was to be in front of the balcony upstairs with more tables. Happily, I was able to run the wires creatively with a little tape, set up an extra speaker for the tent outside and use my lights in a new way to orient the dance floor down below. With all the bodies absorbing sound, this was the perfect chance to bring out my new extra-large subwoofer, designed for more output, and tuck it discreetly under the stairs. When the sound curfew came, I switched to some classic party songs to transition to a lower volume level, and received no complaints.