Willow Wood Farm – July 18, 2020

This unique wedding will stand out in my memory for both how the wedding was modified to limit virus transmission during a pandemic, and how the couple personalized their wedding. Musically they loved motown, early R&B and swing, with an affinity for the Blues Brothers. Personally they were people of faith, and had a time of worship to music with their guests, as well as making time to pray with almost everyone individually. For the ceremony, I set a sensitive mic, with wind protection, close to the officiant, to help the voices carry to all in attendance.

The venue was beautiful, and very sensitive to the needs of guests to stay safe, so the barn had limited admittance and I sent small groups through the buffet. The dancing was outdoors, and I was able to create suitable volume and atmosphere that felt fun and full, but did not overstep the limits that the venue had for not annoying the neighbors! They were very pleasant and complimentary of the music, and a joy to work with.